Diversity Services

Leading provider of diversity spend analytics in the US; offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions for mid-market & enterprise companies

What we do

Diversity Services is the leading provider of diversity spend program analytics in the U.S, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions, and intuitive self-service tools

  • Private Sector and Government Agency Compliance Reporting

  • Fraud & Risk Management Programs

  • Agency Compliance Resources and Training tool- Talent Connect

Our Services

Compliance Auditing

  • Awarded contracts are aligned to eligible NACIS industry codes
  • Only eligible firms were awarded sole-source contracts

Remediation Programs

  • Agency Training
  • Intuitive, self-service tools for buyers to ensure compliance prior to contract award

We continue to expand our services to Government Agencies such as WOSB, EAP, GAO, OIG, and OBM to ensure:

  • All government funds are being optimized with adequate compliance controls 
  • Economic growth of small businesses in unrepresented industries

Our Services are compliant with generally acceptable government auditing standards

Our Services

Diversity Spend

Strategy, Reporting, &


Auditing & Reporting 
Government Agencies

Talent Connect

Self-service tool for
Non-Payroll Workers

Tier 1 & qualified-Tier 2

Supplier Contracting & Invoicing

ESC Risk Assessments

Operating Model Enhancements


Advocacy, Enablement & Immersive Learning

Our mission is to enable economic growth of small
businesses in underrepresented industries


Government Agencies


Financial Services




Diversity Services Social Impact Sustainable Change is Achievable

We believe prioritizing the “whole child” from Pre-K through Post-Secondary Ed is the catalyst to eliminate conscious and unconscious bias that has a foothold in our society today.

For every $1 of revenue earned, Diversity Services will make a substantial allocation to the soft launch
GenTree Education in January 2023.

Come join us on the journey to sustainable change

Contact us: bethechange@diversityservicesllc.com

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non-profit entity funded by
GenTree Solutions

Educational Programs
Pre-K through
Post Secondary-Ed

Meet Max the Bear

Max the Bear is a scientist. 
He uses scientific methods such as multi-sensory assessments to identify the best way a student learns.