Prefaced by the type or theater of service the deployed spouse is in, e.g. ", Great Mistakes: Common epithet used when complaining about. Trips back to the ship in the wee hours of the night are usually very entertaining. Head call means to use the head. Navy World: RTC Orlando was referred to as "Navy World" on its water tower due to Disney World and Sea World being close by. ", MARF: Acronym used by a superior to a roving watchstander, means Make Another Round, Fucker. Growler: A sound-powered phone, which is used like a telephone to call specific dialed in stations. Admin: Aviation,Pre-arranged meeting point, or shared hotel in-port. Compare to "A.J. Usually used as part of a goose-chase. Applesauce: Indicative of pork chops, Horseradish: Prime Rib Beefetc. Beer Day: On many navy ships, even in the present day, all hands are given 2 beers if they are underway without a port call for a given period of time generally 45 days. Very well: Expression of acknowledgement a senior gives a subordinate. one that is given one hour before shift change and will require at least 3 hours to complete. 21MC: Ships command intercom circuit, mainly used between the bridge, combat, and flight decks. "Another Fine Navy Day! At aviation commands, FOD can also describe a worthless individual, i.e. i.e. Queer: Nickname for the EA-6B Prowler. Dining-ins are for the service-members only. (2) An argumentative, cantankerous or know-it-all sailor. Fleet equivalent is "Nub," "Newbie," or "Hey Shitbird.". Usually the only small bit of privacy found on a ship. WESTPAC: While this usually refers to the western Pacific area of operations, it can also refer to a type of deployment in which a unit heads to multiple locations throughout said area. : Head Mother Fucker In Charge. for emergency leave, or to move off base to civilian housing). Supposedly from the first letters of the words "Oh Shit. Sailors must go to the Paint Locker with properly signed chits to receive paint and painting equipment. Veal Wheels. Paddles: Code word for the LSO (see above). Render honors to port/starboard: A custom in the Navy to honor a ship passing with a salute, it is also used when passing by the Arizona Memorial, an announcement is made ". Junior Chief: Pejorative term to describe junior enlisted person who is kissing ass for a promotion or on a power trip, or both. (2) The pennant flown to denote the ship has won the Battle "E" competition. squids or squid) Any of several carnivorous marine cephalopod mollusks, of the order Teuthida, having a mantle, eight arms, and a pair of tentacles A fishhook with a piece of bright lead, bone, or other substance fastened on its shank to imitate a squid. AOCS: Aviation Officer Candidate School; since discontinued pre-commissioning programs at NAS Pensacola, FL and Bremerton, WA that trained both prior service and non-prior service college graduates to become naval officers and to subsequently qualify as either Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers, Air Intelligence Officers, or Aircraft Maintenance Duty Officers - program merged into with Officer Candidate School from Newport, RI in late 1990s and then in the late 2000s moved to NETC Newport, RI. See FAG. A young motorcyclist who overestimates his abilities, boasts of his riding skills when in reality he has none. Building 36: The USS Bryce Canyon (AD-36). VF: Fixed Wing Fighter Aircraft Squadrons. Also known as a sailor, gob, or swab. Except you start with all pieces off the board. Chowdale: An airwing member who spend all their time in line for chow, holding up others who actually have things to do. 2-6-10: Abbreviation of "It's gonna take 2 surgeons 6 hours to remove 10 inches of my boot from your ass." Nonskid Wax: A fictitious substance used for waxing non-skid decks, something junior sailors are sent looking for. An obsolete / unofficial procedure signal. Short Timer's Chain: A chain that hangs from the belt of a "short timer" for all to see, with one link representing a day, signifying too short to care, and usually starting with 30 links. Mast Crank: A fictitious crank, usually impersonated by a Bull Gear crank from engineering, which is to be collected by a junior enlisted to crank down the mast while passing under a short bridge. Trap: A fixed-wing arrested landing on an aircraft carrier. Often concern radical changes to the ship's schedule. X-Ray Fitting: (1) A hatch, scuttle or the like which in normal condition is closed both in-port and at-sea. This is accomplished by spending all day meat gazing, or looking at dicks while guys are pissing. Noted: Usually passed down from an officer to a blue shirt, when the blue shirt tells the officer of something that will have little or no positive effect on the officer, but may have a great effect on the blue shirt. Bitchbox: Intercom or amplified circuit used to communicate between spaces of a ship. Back when there existed a rating called Boiler Technician (BT), they most commonly were the Oil Kings. See crossing the line, shellback, and pollywog. A similar system was used for surface ships. Sweat the load: Personal stress about being able to perform some task; to feel stress about a situation. voluntarily relinquishes his/her title to a "second-termer" that gets out of the Navy earlier who exhibits extreme disgruntlement and is generally accepted by the "first-termers" as one of their own. Rocks and Shoals: is an informal reference to the Articles for the Government of the United States Navy, which was replaced in 1951 by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Pictures of bare-assed drunken aviators standing on the blue tile during port calls are highly prized keepsakes. METOC), UNREP: Underway Replenishment: The taking of supplies from a supply ship by maneuvering alongside it and passing lines between it and one's own vessel. CINCHOUSE: Commander-in-Chief of the House. Navy men in times gone past were generally called bluejackets, with working names like deckhand or black gang. Seaman gang, the 1st Lt's folks, are often non-quals who are E-4 and below with a first class or senior second class petty officer as leading petty officer. Air Wing: The aviation element on board an aircraft carrier consisting of various squadrons. Some "Nuke Waste" treat it as a sort of dubious badge of honor, others remain bitter about it for the rest of their Navy career. Big O boat, USS Oriskany CVA34, Also called the Mighty O boat, After the fire of 10/26,1966 she was called the USS Zippo by some. Often used in, "Damn, we just did a six-month WESTPAC, barely got home for a week, and now we're heading out again?". AFTA: Advanced First Term Avionics: Part of the advanced electronics schooling package, reserved for AT's AQ's and AX's for advanced training. Used primarily at the former Subic Bay and Clark bases in the Philippines. The term is used, regardless of the officer's age or gender, when the officer has gained the respect of subordinates. 2023 Before Joining the Military. Phraseology: Instant Boatswain's Mate, just add water. Cock-ologist: Corpsman (derived from a 1980s Coca Cola commercial having a Coke-ologist). "We're going to The Boat for a few weeks.". Also called. Bagger: A sailor who is chronically late for watch relief. Starboard: Right side of the boat or ship (when facing the bow). "Oh, he's just flying the Bravo". So called on account of its unique smell and the overall (un)cleanliness of the city. (Petty Officer to Sailor: "is there something the matter with you? On ships equipped with small boats, the First Lieutenant or "First" (First Division Officer or Deck Department Head) is in charge of these boats and the sailors who maintain and run them. Gouge: The inside scoop, the skinny, the low-down. This person would be given the title of "Honorary S.N.O.B.". "Shithead is on a boondoggle again. Three steel balls: Meant to be humorous but oddly accurate reference to a sailor or situation acting like a sailor: "Put a sailor in a room with three steel balls. I will only give one or two of the more polite slang terms for each service: Navy - Squids or Swabbies. Cunt Hair: A very small unit of measurement, used when eyeballing something. USS Neverdock: Any ship that seems to stay out at sea for unusually long periods of time. Anyone who has been designated with this nickname is most likely a lifer who has no life outside the navy. Zoom Bag: Navy flight suit, generally fireproof Nomex. See "sea pussy.". Two-Digit Midget: Sailor with 99 or less days until his/her "End of Active Obligated Service", or EAOS. "Wrong answer, RPOC! Officer's Country: The area of the ship where the Officer's berthing area and Wardroom are located; Enlisted men are not allowed into Officer's Country without permission, with certain rating exceptions. 4MC: Emergency communications circuit that overrides sound powered phone communications to alert controlling stations to a casualty. Pass in Review ceremonies are always held on a Friday, meaning that there is a Pass in Review held every week, except during federal holidays i.e. Ladderwell: Stairs. Uncle Sam's Confused Group (USCG): The US Coast Guard. ASH Receiver: An "ash tray." So called in reference to her collision with the USS Kennedy in 1975. Its old as the hills, and to my knowledge, no one ever got diagnosed with PTSD from being called a grunt throughout their time in the military. The edge of passing or failing at something, or ". (2) Any time late at night that doesn't qualify for Oh Dark Thirty. The name derives from the sailor stating that ". Quarters can be for the entire command, or just the department, division, or branch. MEDCRUISE: A float (operational cruise) in the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered by the Navy as sacred waters, and, every year during the commeration of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, a ship in the area will put out to sea, and drop a wreath in the area to honor the dead. The second explanation pertains to the combination of military uniform components:flat cover (aka, a hat) with a collar which allegedly makes the the head and neck look unusually cylindrical. (Collegiate. "Boot ensign.". USS Backyard: A sailor's home of record, to which he or she happily returns upon discharge. Also called "Fresh Air Snipe.". OBA: Oxygen Breathing Apparatus. sign. Akin to PFM (pure fucking magic). Savy Sue: The nickname of the USS Savannah AOR4, given by her ships' company. Midnight Ops: The best time to get something done when there are not as many witnesses around. In reality, consists of an E-5 signing a piece of paper and giving the warning, "if you go up for mast, I will testify under oath that I inspected and saw every item.". A-Farts: (AFRTS) Armed Forces Radio & Television Service. A flux capacitor ran the time machines, particularly in the car, in the Back To The Future movies Forecastle: (Pronounced "foc-sull") Forward most part of a ship. When she did get underway she was typically towed back in, whereupon she was referred to as "USS Broke". Sailor 2: "Fuhgowee burger sandwiches.". Asshole of the Navy: Norfolk, Virginia, home of the fabled "DOGS AND SAILORS KEEP OFF THE GRASS!" The series of books; 43P-1, 43P-2, 43P-3 & 43P-4 were separate books covering all aspects of maintenance. Example: 100007 would be read aloud as "one quadzip seven." Similar to a Bremerloe. Water Wings: Derogatory term used (usually by Naval Aviators), for the Surface Warfare Officer qualification badge. Under the Joint Service Designation System, stands for Anti-Submarine or Scout. (2) Reminiscence among older sailors, not necessarily with embellishment but often times a mutual exaggeration and perhaps colorful language: "Remember the time we were in the Gulf of Thailand for that ?" Some'are here, some'are there, some'are everywhere.". Fuck the mission, clean the position: Break out the, Fuck You, strong message follows: Seen on a numerical list of epithet substitutions (the unauthorized "Falcon Code," derived from the "Charlie Echo" code), especially transmitted over radio, which has to stay clean. Ground-Pounder: Navy term for Marines, specifically infantry. Often done in boot camp. Usually the senior pilot on a patrol aircraft, having been previously designated a 2P (second pilot). : (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again). Captain's Asshole: The XO. Drifty: Lacking the ability to stay focused while attempting to perform a given task. For instance, pull-tab sodas are referred to as "Haji Sodas" due to their ubiquitous presence in the Fifth Fleet AOR. Bluenose: An individual who has crossed the, Blue Dick: The Navy, AKA (I've been f-ed by the Blue Dick again), Blue on Blue: (1) Fratricide, friendly fire, so called because blue is the color associated with friendly forces during "workups" and exercises, while the fictional enemy country is usually orange. WebSquid. Grotopotamus: The rather large ladies that graze around the Groton, CT area. Wayspouse: Sailors' spouses waiting on the pier, if sufficiently overweight that they could be used as navigation waypoints. Cover: Term for any sort of headgear worn with a uniform in USN, USMC and USCG. Cadillac: A mop bucket, usually with wheels and a wringer. See Blowing Shitters, Shitty Kitty: Derogatory nickname for the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). 4 acres of sovereign U.S. soil: An aircraft carrier. Finally, TURN ON THE WATER to rinse off. Heads and Beds: An inspection performed daily at sea by the XO or a designated replacement, usually the MAA. )See Fast Cruise. WebMaritimeQuest - Military Abbreviations, Nicknames and Slang Terms Begriming with S S- 1. Telling the LPO you're going up to the calibration shop for awhile but head up to the roach coach instead? Ahead Flank Liberty: The fictitious speed at which a ship travels after a mission or patrol is completed with high marks and the ship is headed into very nice foreign ports that cater to visiting US Forces. Sea Warrior: Used by naval personnel whom have never set foot on a ship, usually in response to being called shipmate. This is the only thing in the universe that can travel faster than light. Can also be used to describe someone or something that stopped functioning. In flight training, a down is a failed flight. ", Swinging Dick: Spoken by Marines, and sailors to refer to healthy shipmates while on maneuvers, e.g. The term alludes to the practice of bombers over enemy territory turning after they have dropped their bombs and igniting their afterburners so as to exit hostile territory more quickly. Snivel: To request time off or to not be scheduled, usually for personal reasons. JO-JO: Pronounced "joe-joe." The opposite of a highly respected and particularly valuable "Good Man." The Kool-Aid-like beverage dispensed on the. Zero: Officer. Often leads to mistakes that can produce lethal results. Differs from "VERTREP.". ZUG: Negative. Gaff Off: To ignore or purposely fail to show proper respect to someone more senior, such as by blowing off an assigned task, by not saluting, or by using improper forms of address. ". Part of the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD), IM3 (Avionics) division. 2JV: Engineering sound-powered circuit. Sea Pussy: A yeoman or personnelman akin to a secretary who does clerical work. Papa Chuck: The P-3C Orion patrol aircraft. This is a no shi++er: (Which means its the God's honest, truth.) During WWII, sailors called Marines (and only Marines) "Jarheads". After consideri (2) Somewhat derogatory reference to a sailor that takes too many chances, or attempts to constantly play the hero. General Quarters (GQ): Set to prepare a ship for battle or during a serious casualty such as a main engineering space fire. See also TSC. Crow happy: Newly appointed petty officers that are drunk with rank, think they are in charge, and can order subordinates around. Gold Locker: A locked cabinet in the Engineering Spaces wherein the most valuable, precise, fragile, or one-of-a-kind tools are kept. Mid-Watch: Watch from 0000-0400 (2345-0345), usually results in no sleep before or after this watch. Check Valve: A person who "does for himself or herself, but not others." PD-8 is actually a chemical additive used in the evaporator to aid distillation of fresh water. Ready Rollers are generally thought of in a negative scense due to their poor hygene and lack of respect for themselves, while in close quarters or proximity to other shipmates. Some of the most entertaining offerings are the propaganda commercials it frequently airs since regular advertising is not permitted. Lifer: A name given to both officers and enlisted men who love the Navy and make it clear they want to be in for 20 or more years; lifers will try to convince others to re-enlist. An English sailor told me that the term squid was a step up for a sailor who was lower than a whale turd as a new deckhand. After they got some Flux capacitor: New members of a CVN's MMR will be sent to retrieve the "flux capacitor" from the OOW in the reactor control room. O I (wish I was asleep): Derogatory remark made by any non-OS rate whenever a OS complains about how bad they have it while underway, because OS's are almost always "Port & Starboard" when underway. Squared Away" sailor. From the rating badge which has 4 lightning bolts. Slick Sleeve: A sailor in the E-1 paygrade who does not have a rating, and who has not yet graduated from Apprentice training. ", Grab-ass: Any kind of unstructured group socialization or horse-play, usually during working hours. (Originally referred to hammocks, in days of yore before berthing spaces.). Generally presided over by the Executive Officer (XO) and run by a Chief or Junior Officer (JO) called "Mr. Vice," these events can become quite rowdy and raucous. Ricky Sweep: Use of a bare hand to gather dustbunnies and other dirt from a deck. A form of non-judicial punishment in which a sailor finds himself standing tall in front of the old man when he has really screwed the pooch. Also called a "One-Eyed Jack." Fast Cruise: Pretending to be underway while moored to a pier. (Term endures within CG.). Tiger Team: Junior enlisted of all ratings (E-3 and below) who are tasked to clean the engine room prior to inspection, such as GITMO Refresher training or evaluation. Evil Planet Notorg: Groton CT. (Notorg is Groton spelled backwards.). Square Circles: Surface ship operating within an assigned a patrol box. Seabag locker: A room, usually on board ship, where extra uniforms, or item materials are placed until needed. F.U.P.A. Black box: Repair, in primarily for electronic equipment, where an entire card or subsystem is replaced, rather than individual components. Hinge: Slang for an O-4, or lieutenant commander (LCDR). Ikeatraz: Derogatory term used to describe the U.S.S. (example: 1/3, 2/3, Full, Standard, Flank, B1/3, B2/3, BI, BEM), Benny: A treat or reward, derived from "Benefit.". Mid: Midshipman at the US Naval Academy or Naval ROTC; "Middie" is considered derogatory. HR Puff and Stuff: A nickname given to Hospital Corpsmen who regularly appear for duty in a disheveled manner with their uniform in disarray. (3) ("Submarine Service") Forward Area Gentleman: A crewman serving in the forward part of the submarine, a non-Nuke. Cold Shot, Cold Cat: A catapult launch from a carrier in which insufficient speed is attained to generate lift. Crack House: A designated smoking area aboard ship that is not a. Crapper: A toilet, see also shitter and pisser. Wet Suit Camel Toe: A disturbing sight caused by a (usually older and) fatter rescue swimmer attempting to squeeze into his wet suit for SAR duty. Webnoun, plural (especially collectively) squid, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) squids. Chief: Title given to enlisted personnel who have achieved the rank of E-7 and who have completed their transitional training and indoc. Generally X(X-ray): always closed, Y(Yoke): closed while underway, Z(Zebra): closed while at GQ. Stupid-: Adjective for remedial training. Airedale: A sailor who works in one of the Navy's aviation rates also know as "Brown Shoes.". Butt Kit: Ash tray. The Goo: Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). ", Piece: Rifle, as used in manual-of-arms (rifle drill). Precursor to Yellow Shirt. Gut: The section of a port city or town where visiting sailors can find cheap booze, games of chance, ladies of the night, a bar brawl or two, and other entertainment. A pad eye is a recessed anchor point found in the decks of U.S. Navy Ships. Example: Chief Coffeedrinker: "Why did you do this? Service Dress Beer: With the pre-NWU utility uniforms, the act of removing the shirt and untucking the T-shirt to hide the name tape above the pants pocket, in order to purchase alcohol on an off-base establishment. ", Tape Zebra: Maddening condition aboard ship, especially aircraft carriers, where passageways are "taped off" so that they may be waxed, dried, and buffed in the middle of the night. : Fucked Up Ridiculous Educational Device: The computer that graded the teletype capabilities of those going through Radioman "A" School. Titivate: To spruce up or clean up the ship and its company. "Let's bag it.". Family Gram: A 40-word personal communication from the family members of an Officer or Sailor on a Strategic Deterrent Patrol assigned to a Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarine. Sierra Hotel: Phonetic letters for SH, which stands for "Shit Hot." "You are a shitbag!" (Growler). UNODIR: Unless Otherwise Directed; enables, Unicorn: An officer with a particularly rare designator (i.e. Also, a wet dream induced by ship's motion. A "madame.". Coffin Locker: A personal storage area located underneath a sailor's rack. Refers to the shape of a gas turbine module. Khaki Brigade: chiefs who start taking over an engineering casualty or going over to see what is going on. See UA, the correct Naval term. Twidget: Sailor in the Electronics or Electrical fields of job specialties. Compare to "dirtbag." Usually done to avoid getting in trouble at the expense of someone else. Must be signed off by a superior or expert. In modern times it is an aluminum rubbish bowl. Polish a Turd: Make the most of a bad situation. ", Boner Garage: USS BONHOMME RICHARD (LHD-6). George jobs: Nit-picking paperwork jobs given to George because no one else wants them. Brown Water: Shallow water close to land; Brown Water Navy (Sailor): Any Sailor who operates a small boat in inshore areas. Also called Boomers. Term used mostly by disgruntled personnel to refer to an "A.J. No Balls: An expression used to suggest that a person does not have the, No Load: A useless sailor. Nairobi trail markers. Buddy Fucker: Someone who fucks over their shipmates, and who is not to be trusted with any information or watch swap. Spooks: Navy Cryptologic Technicians or other service equivalents. Even so, some distinctively Australian Navy terms have been produced. Blue Roper (also: Blue Rope): A sailor that is in training to be a Recruit Division Commander, so called because of the blue rope they wear on the right sleeve. Often the result of a serious engineering casualty. Squids, Jarheads, Grunts, and Other Military Colloquialisms. See "USS Neversail.". Tits Machine: Old-school term for a kick-ass aircraft, usually a fighter, that consisted of little more than an airframe, minimal avionics, and a huge engine or two. Usually played at a level that would normally get you a ticket in town and is so distorted as to make it impossible to identify the song. Sometimes spelled C-6U11, Z-6UL1 or various. MidShitHead: Enlisted common term for a Naval Academy or ROTC Midshipman on their summer cruise on a ship or a command, gaining real Navy experience between academic class years. Nuke Striker: Perjorative term used by nukes to describe a coner that asks endless questions about the operations of the nuclear power plant. Bubblegummer: A newbie or young sailor just out of boot camp or school. All-16ths: an adjustable wrench. The French form of the rank is matre de 1re classe.. Squat to Pee: An ELT (Engineering Laboratory Technician, a water chemistry and radiation monitor on a nuclear powered vessel) or (. Vulcan Death Watch: 12 hours of drills separated by 3 rotations of watches. Valves are named with the initials of the system they belong to, ie Seawater valve 1 is SW-1. AMAN Nobody: "AM3 Schmuckatelli said to, Chief.". Dirty Boat Guy: The nickname Dirty Boat Guy or "DBG" is associated exclusively with the US Navy's Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman. For better or worse, everyone is picked on in one way or another. A common-sense way of saving it is to wet down while taking a shower and then TURN OFF THE WATER. Humped the bunk: Screwed up. Ditch: To intentionally crash land an aircraft as "gently" as possible usually into the water. HACQ: (pronounced "hack") House Arrest, Confinement to Quarters: Unofficial punishment where an officer is confined to his stateroom, usually during a port call. Quarters is used to present awards, pass information, and make every sailor squeeze into their ill-fitting, rarely-worn uniforms at least once a year. any of several ten-armed cephalopods, as of the genera Loligo and Ommastrephes, having a slender body and a pair of rounded or triangular caudal fins and varying in length from 46 inches (1015 centimeters) to 6080 feet (1824 meters). Used to prove a desired numerical answer with substantiated math, either correct or incorrect. I tried to be one but I didn't score high enough on my ASVAB Now, just Rudolph. As a noun the said card. Widow/Widower: Describes wives (and now husbands) with spouses on deployment. Also "ditty chaser.". Smiley-face art optional. Usually only found on submarines due to a significantly smaller number of nukes stationed onboard a submarine. AX: The enlisted rating Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Technician; since merged into AT rating. Also called a "Greeny Weeny." Named for the Oscar, Oscar Sierra: Radio brevity code for a nuclear weapons mishap. CG: Cruiser, Guided Missile, class of ship. Liberty Boat: Boat assigned to transfer sailors to and from their ship when in a port that requires the ship to drop anchor instead of pulling pierside. POD (Plan of the Day): An official document issued by a command that states all activities occurring that day, from 0000 to 2359. A player unable to make their bid goes set 3 X the bid. Admirals have Double Eggs. EAOS: Expiration of Active Obligated Service. Turn 'n' Burn: "Hurry up! Pit: (1) A sailor's rack or bunk. CGU-11: Nomenclature for a Seagull to boot sailors. Fan Room (see "X-Ray fitting"): (1) A room with a fan or blower, A "closed" space which is often utilized for general mischief away from watchful eyes. Such a sailor will likely be restricted to the ship at the next liberty port. See also WESTPAC/LANTPAC widow. Breakaway Music: Music played over the 1MC after "breaking" away from an oiler following UNREP. Liberty Risk: A sailor who loves liberty a little too much, so much so that he puts himself in danger by drinking too much, getting into fights, or pissing off the locals. Ghetto: Open-bay barracks, usually reserved for single sailors who are in transit or otherwise temporarily assigned there. Fat Enlisted People / Forced Exercise Program. Can also have a second F added to the end, when used in this context it means ", Dimed/Diming out/Dropping dimes: Comes from dropping a dime in a pay phone to make a call. Hummer: Slang for the E-2C Hawkeye, mostly for the sound of its props. Not to be confused with "screwing the pooch" which refers to royally messing up a task. Usually new sailors are given a mail buoy watch for the entertainment of the more seasoned sailors.

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